Intercoast: Intercepting Life's Interruptions

Intercoast Insurance was founded on a few simple principles: deliver quality insurance coverage, do it at affordable rates, provide every single applicant with the our best effort at attaining coverage, and, most importantly, make every one of our customers feel like they are family.

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Message From the CEO

We know that, to many people, insurance isn’t the most exciting subject. To some, it can be a confusing maze. And to others, applying for coverage can be downright terrifying.

But we also know that insurance can be the difference between a day-changing event and a life-changing event. So at Intercoast, we want to remove the tedium, the confusion, and the anxiety from insurance. We would love for you and yours to have a little bit more confidence and sleep a little better at night knowing that the people and things you hold most dear are covered, protected, and enjoying life to its fullest while Intercoast intercepts life’s interruptions on your behalf.

Ivan Cardona

President & Founder

Interpersonal Customer Relationships

We’re like the insurance family you’ve never had. Try us out and see why we have some of the highest customer satisfaction and renewal rates in the business.

Interconnected Coverage

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